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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental work that improves the physical appearance of teeth, gums and bite (occlusion).

The aim is to improve dental aesthetics in terms of colour, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance.


Our dentists are trained and qualified to carry out a wide range of safe and effective cosmetic dental treatments and procedures.


We are happy to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists to discuss the appearance of your teeth. Just give us a call to arrange an appointment on 0161 6787287

 Teeth straightening - dentists in Oldham
Invisible aligners and braces
Teeth straightening
Morris Dental Care, Oldham



Why have your teeth straightened?

An uneven smile caused by naturally occurring crooked teeth can cause embarrassment and lack of confidence. Many people are put of having their teeth straightened at the thought of wearing highly visible ‘train-track’ metal braces bonded to the teeth for approx. 1-2 years.


There are quicker, effective and much more discrete options

At Morris Dental Care we can offer several discreet and often much quicker options to move your teeth into their ideal and most attractive position.


Benefits to oral health

As well as looking so much better there are other benefits to having your teeth straightened; not only will your confidence get a boost but your oral health will improve - straight teeth are much easier to keep clean and are at less risk of uneven tooth wear.


Cosmetic dentistry case srudies at Morris Dental Care

Visit our SMILES GALLERY to read recent case studies from some of our cosmetic dentistry patients




Morris Dental Care, Oldham

three choices available

Inman alinersClear Smile AlinersClear Smile Braces

Inman Aliners™


The Inman Aligner is the ideal solution for front teeth that are crowded or 'sticking out'. Teeth can be gently guided into position in a matter of weeks in and treatment is safe and kind to teeth. Because it’s removable you can take it out to fit your lifestyle and as usually only one appliance is required treatment is very economical. Morris Dental Care for teeth straightening using Inman Aliners in Oldham, Manchester


Clear Smile Aliners™


Clear smile aligners are suitable for straightening the front 6-8 teeth.


You will be fitted with a series of bespoke, 3D-printed, transparent trays, to be worn sequentially, each one moving your teeth slightly closer to your ideal tooth position.


Clear Smile Aliners for teeth straightening at Morris Dental Care.  Dentists in Oldham, Lancashire.

Clear Smile Braces™


Clear smile braces ae suitable for straightening the front 10 teeth. Of all the systems we offer, these are the most similar to traditional ‘train-track’ braces, the difference being that brackets are white ceramic rather than metal, so much less visible, and because treatment concentrates on the front teeth treatment times are usually shorter than with traditional braces.

Invisible braces by Clear Smile available at Morris Dental Care in Oldham

 Teeth whitening at Morris Dental Care dentists in Oldham
at Morris Dental Care
Teeth whitening

Why have your teeth whitened?


Very few adults have naturally white teeth and as time passes teeth will inevitably change colour. Teeth become stained by food and drink, particularly red wine, tea and coffee. Smokers will notice their teeth changing colour much earlier than non-smokers, resulting in significantly darker staining of the tooth enamel. Some long-term prescribed medications or antibiotics can also lead to yellow-looking teeth, as can a build up of tartar (calculus) on the surface of the teeth.



When is a good time to have teeth whitened?


Some of our patients like to have their teeth whitened for a special event such as a wedding, anniversary party or even a job interview. Most just feel they want to look their best and a whiter smile will really make a difference to their appearance and confidence.


How we whiten teeth


Long gone are the days when discoloured teeth meant costly veneers. which eventually will damage the natural tooth. We use a medically safe and gentle bleach which is worn in trays at home, so you are in control of the whole process. Talk to us at your next appointment about how we can give you a whiter, brighter smile or make a special appointment to find out more.

Teeth whitening at Morris Dental Care, Oldham

Cosmetic dentistry case srudies at Morris Dental Care

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