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Dental Checkups
Regular Dental Checkups


Dentists in Oldham welcome new patients for a check-up

ew patients are invited to make an appointment for a dental check‑up to enable your dentist can check the current health and condition of your teeth and your gums can be thoroughly examined.


During a check‑up you can expect your dentist to:


  • Check your jaw joints and your 'bite' (occlusion)
  • Look at the health of your mouth, tongue and gums in particular checking for any infection, disorders and disease (including cancer)
  • Record measurements of your gums to assess for gum disease
  • Examine all your teeth for signs of decay and erosion (dental caries)
  • Provide oral health advice, tailored to your needs.

Whether you're making an appointment for yourself, or bringing your child or teenager to us, we want to offer the best expert dental care your teeth deserve. Even if you haven't been to a dentist for a while you will always be made to feel very welcome.

Dental appointments available at Morris Dental Care, Oldham


We believe in prevention of decay and dental health awareness is important at every stage in your life

 Dentists in Oldham - Morris Dental Care
looking after your children's teeth
Dental care
for children
Dental hygienist at Morris Dental Care, Oldham

Tooth decay in a 4 year old boy who had never visited a dentist.


he British Society of Paediatric Dentistry recommend that babies and young children are brought to see a dentist as soon as the first tooth comes through or before their first birthday - whichever comes first.


This means that your little one's teeth will get the best healthy start and also helps your child to become accustomed to visiting the dentist from an early age.



Lizzie Morris explains why it's important to bring your children to visit the dentist as early as 6 months old...



The dentists and hygienists who work here in our practice believe in preventing dental disease and disorders rather than treating at a later date. We actively encourage our patients to bring their children to the practice from the time their first tooth erupts (about 6 months). We don't want you to worry though if you've missed this early start. We know what it's like to have young children and time can run away before you know it. The important thing is to come - as soon as you can! We look forward to meeting you and your little one.


Elizabeth Morris


Children under 5, living in Oldham, have some of the worst teeth in the UK!


We want to make a real change



tudies have shown that by bringing your young child to the dentist just for a check-up they will most likely grow up without fear of the dentist and are far less likely to suffer the horrible consequences of tooth decay.


We are taking part in a scheme to help improve access to dental care for very young children called Baby Teeth do Matter. This means that we are able to offer NEW patient appointments to local children under 5 years old and their siblings.


Our own Oral Health Educator - Karen - offers advice about correct brushing techniques and child-friendly dietary advice. Where appropriate we can provide Fluoride Varnish Application and Fissure Sealants which considerably reduce the incidence of tooth decay in children.


Dental hygienist at Morris Dental Care, Oldham

Charlotte receives a sticker, toothpaste and a toothbrushing chart from Karen

Peggy Bee Manchester NHS  Local Dental NetworkBaby teeth do matter at Morris Dental Care, OldhamGreater Manchester NHS Local Dental Network at Morris Dental Care, Oldham

NHS Greater Manchester Local Dental Network
Dental Hygiene & Oral Health
Smiles for Life
Dental Hygiene
and Oral health

n appointment with our experienced dental hygiene team will ensure that you know how to keep your gums and teeth healthy and super‑clean.


We encourage our patients to book a regular scale and polish appointment with our hygienists. The aim of scaling and polishing is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. During the treatment the plaque on your teeth will be carefully removed and gums will be checked for signs of disease.


After the treatment our hygienist will show you how to clean your teeth effectively between appointments and answer any questions you have about your and your family's oral hygiene.


Dental hygienist at Morris Dental Care, Oldham
Repairs and Replacements
Tooth repairs, replacements, implants and bridges
Repairs and Replacements
Tooth repair


Wherever possible we will try our best to repair teeth and avoid them having to be taken out.


Dentists in Oldham.  Morris Dental tooth repairWhether it be filings, onlays, crown or veneers we can use both traditional and the latest materials to cosmetically repair decayed, cracked or broken teeth.


Where damage is severe a tooth may need a root canal filling and again, here we can offer all the best materials and equipment to give our treatments the best chance of success.

Tooth replacements


issing teeth detract from a smile but ta lost tooth will also lead to other problems. If a number of teeth are lost, the remaining teeth will have to take heavier loads when eating, which can in turn lead to greater risk of fracture and wear on these remaining teeth. The teeth either side and opposite to the gaps in your mouth usually begin to move into the space, affecting your bite, and can cause more spaces to open up in between other teeth and affect the way your teeth bite together. Once this movement has occurred it can be difficult to correct, so it is best to avoid delay in replacing them. Losing your teeth means a loss of support for your lips and cheeks and this can have an ageing effect on your face.


There are several options when considering replacing missing teeth and our dentists can offer you advice on the best options in your individual circumstances.


Dental implants


Dental inplants

ental implants can offer the best solution for long-term tooth replacement. Put simply, they are a titanium or zirconia post which is placed in the jaw bone to act like the root of a tooth.


Dental implants at Morris Dental Care, Oldham

Because dental implants sit directly in the bone, teeth can be replaced without impacting on the surrounding healthy natural teeth. They can be used to replace single missing teeth where a dental crown is attached to the implant, used in bridges to support several missing teeth, and even to support removable dentures, giving additional confidence that your dentures will stay in place.


Our implantologist uses only the highest quality implants and our highly skilled dental technicians use the latest CAD CAM technology to create bespoke restorations for you with the best aesthetics.

Structure of a dental implant at Morris Dental Care, Oldham
Bridges and Dentures
Dental Bridges


Dental Bridges

ridges replace missing teeth by anchoring to one or two adjacent teeth. Traditional bridges require crowning the anchor teeth, which is very destructive of tooth material and we would usually only recommend if this anchor tooth required crowning anyway.


Structure of a dental implant at Morris Dental Care, Oldham

If the adjacent teeth are unfilled or have only small fillings another option is an adhesive bridge where a wing is stuck onto the anchor tooth, requiring very little adjustment to this tooth.


Partial denture. Morris Dental Care


An example of a partial denture


Dentures (complete)



entures offer the most economical option for replacing teeth and are usually used when there are a number of missing teeth. A bridge will also provide support to your lips and cheeks preventing a sunken-in appearance. Our highly skilled lab-technicians use the best quality teeth to make our dentures, ensuring a natural appearing result. Dentures can be supported by dental implants which can ensure that your dentures feel stable and can make chewing food much easier.


Dentures (partial)


Partial Dentures

f you have some of your natural teeth remaining a partial denture can be used to fill the gaps. Partial dentures often have a base of hard acrylic material, like complete dentures, but where possible we use a light metal alloy for the base. As the metal is relatively stronger, the base can be designed to be much thinner, meaning that the denture can be less bulky and is supported by the remaining healthy teeth, meaning that they don’t rest on and sink into the gums in the same way as an acrylic denture.



If you have any questions to ask us about dentures or dental bridges please do ask when you visit or make an appointment.

Emergency Treatments
for adults and children
Dental Emergencies
Emergency Appointments


Any toothache can be extremely painful and that’s why we guarantee an emergency appointment for all our patients within a 24 hour period, when we will do our up‑most to deal with the cause of your pain.


For our private and Denplan patients we offer an emergency service every day of the year including weekends and bank holidays.



Please call 0161 678 7287


non emergencies

Please email

24 hour emergency dental treatment at Morris Dental Care, Oldham

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