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In 2018 Vivien, one of our patients, embarked on a programme of cosmetic dentistry. She has kindly offered to share the story of her treatment here on our website to help anyone who feels apprehensive about making the first step. We are very grateful to her and delighted that she is so happy with the results.



For years I had been thinking about different options that would be possible to correct my protruding front tooth but never felt brave enough to actually do it. The offending tooth rested on my bottom lip so that smiling making me very self conscious. During one of my regular check-ups I asked my dentist, Dr Carol Pritchard, for advice and in particular about the Inman Aligners featured in a poster I'd seen in the surgery waiting room. Carol recommended that I made an appointment for a (free) consultation with Lizzie Morris, which I did and embarked on cosmetic dental treatment shortly afterwards.

Morris Dental Care, Oldham


During the first consultation we explained to Vivien that she would wear the Inman Aliner for anywhere between 6-12 weeks, during which time she would return to us for regular check-up trips. We were able to achieve this fantastic result for Vivien without damaging her teeth in three steps. Firstly, her upper teeth were aligned using an Inman Aligner. Next home whitening was used to bleach the teeth and finally we used composite bonding to build up the worn upper front tooth.


After only 2 weeks I could tell it was working. I wore the aligner for 12 weeks and once I got used to it I hardly know it was there. The difference it has made to me is amazing. My tooth is now straight and looks it has been there forever. I no longer feel self-conscious about having a 'sticky-out tooth'. My grandson's words were "Wow your tooth is really straight now- it looks really good".


I can’t thank Lizzie and her team at Morris Dental Care enough for giving me such a boost to my confidence. They were so understanding and very caring. I now look forward to saying "cheese" when someone gets a camera out.

Morris Dental Care, Oldham


Vivien's Gallery
Cosmetic dentistry at Morris Dental Care Oldham - aligners
Cosmetic dentistry at Morris Dental Care Oldham - aligners
Cosmetic dentistry at Morris Dental Care Oldham - aligners
Cosmetic dentistry at Morris Dental Care Oldham - aligners
Cosmetic dentistry at Morris Dental Care Oldham - aligners
Cosmetic dentistry at Morris Dental Care Oldham - aligners


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Morris Dental Care welcome patients of all ages to their convenient town centre practice in the Lancashire town of Oldham.


With an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced dentists, hygienists and reception staff we aim to keep your teeth healthy and looking good whatever your age.

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Teeth don't always grow perfectly. Life's accidental mishaps can result in chipped, stained or misshapen teeth leaving you feeling reluctant to smile with confidence.


We offer a range of approved and effective teeth whitening and teeth straightening dental treatments. We can offer you the smile you've always wanted.


Denplan Payment Schemes


Having a payment plan for dental treatment means that patients can make manageable monthly payments, instead of paying for treatment all in one go.


We offer a choice of Denplan Payment Schemes to suit all budgets.

Denplan payment schemes available at Morris Dental Care, Oldham, Greater Manchester

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Our principal dentist, Lizzie Morris. leads a team of highly qualified, experienced and friendly dental and oral health professionals to ensure that all our patients receive the best possible dentistry treatment and care.


Patients are warmly welcomed by all our team which includes our family-friendly and helpful reception staff.


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